Women and Anabolic Steroids Risks and Benefits

Most people are skeptical when asked about women and steroids. Steroids are mainly associated with massive and muscular men, and it is mostly men who use them. The number of women who turn to anabolic steroids is, however, currently on the rise. And it is not only competitive bodybuilders, fitness models and professional athletes who use them, but also ladies from all walks of life.
Women turn to steroids for a number of reasons. It can be to change their body, lose weight or even to become equal to men. Professional bodybuilders use steroids to win fitness competitions and earn a living. Athletes to win races and provide for their families. There is also a number of female steroid users who are rape victims and use steroids to gain strenth and be able to defend themselves from males.

But, first of all, just what exactly are anabolic steroids?

The male sex hormones are collectively called androgens. Anabolic steroids are artificial substances that behave like androgens, most commonly like the 17-carbon core androgen testosterone. Testosterone is the hormone primarily responsible for the development of male features and the synthesis of new tissue (anabolism). It is also present in women, at much lower concentrations. Steroids were first developed in the 1930s to treat male impotence and HIV syndrome. Researchers have since discovered their ability to enhance muscle growth and so began their use for anabolic purposes.

Steroids for Women

When it comes to steroid use by women, the main fear is potential loss of femininity. In this respect, not all steroids are created equal. The most suitable anabolic steroids for women are:

  • Oxandrolone: Anavar is the most well known brand of oxandrolone also known as ‘The Girl Steroid’, because it carries the lowest risk of adverse effects for women. The rate of virilisation (changes in the body caused by androgens) is lower with oxandrolone than with any other steroid.
  • Primobolan: This is also commonly used by women, as it is female-friendly.
  • Stanozolol hormone: Known as Winstrol, this steroid has a 50% possibility of tolerance by the female body.
  • Equipoise: Not commonly used, only in low doses.
  • Testosterone: Can benefit women who are testosterone-deficient. If used, it should only be taken in low doses.
  • Clenbuterol: It is an effective “fast” fat burner due to its thermogenic effect.


How to take Them?

It is essential to proceed with caution when taking any of the steroids mentioned above. When starting on a steroid, there are several factors to consider in order to avoid side effects, including virilisation rate, administration route and dosage.

-Oxandrolone: The standard dose is 10 mg, which can be tolerated by most women. It can be increased up to 20 mg, but only 5 mg at a time. Most women require 6 – maximum 8 – weeks to get optimal results.
-Primobolan: The majority of females who use this substance consume up to 100 mg for 4 – maximum 6 – weeks; there is also an oral form for primobolan, but its use is not recommended, since its active ingredient carries a high risk of being degraded by the liver.
-Stanozolol hormone: As previously mentioned, supplementation with Winstrol can be a bit ‘hit and miss’. The standard dosage is 10 mg every other day and it can be taken orally or as an injection, as both routes of administration are equally effective.
-Testosterone: Therapeutic dosage is 0.5 mg, it should not be taken continuously and comes in oral, injectable and topical cream forms.

Steroids for Women: Like everything in life has Pros & Cons….


Obviously, there have to be certain advantages to be enjoyed by a potential female user, or it might not make sense to start taking them in the first place.

The main pros of anabolic steroid administration for females are:
1. Reduced body fat percentage
2. Increased lean body (muscle) mass
3. Increased strength
4. Euphoria
5. Heightened self-esteem
6. More energy
7. Potential distinction as a physique/fitness model
8. Increased sex-appeal
9. Ability to protect herself from dangerous encounters
10. Heightened sexual arousal
11. Increased protein synthesis and decreased excretion of nitrogen
12. Improved training effectiveness
13. Shorter recovery times


Like pretty much every drug one can take (steroids or not) it has secondary effects. Even Aspirin has secondary effects!~

Any damage that may manifest is related to the type of steroid used, its dosage and the duration of usage. One has to proceed with caution when considering to start on anabolic steroids, since they can have a detrimental effect on i. the physique, ii. the behaviour and iii. the ability of a woman to function normally.

1. Irreversible side effects of steroids on the physique:
-Defined physique without curves
-Breast atrophy
-Development of masculinity, including vocal alterations
-Puffy eyes and face due to sodium retention
-Excessive hair growth
-Development of male pattern baldness and receding hairline
-Coarse skin with acne
-Clitoral hypertrophy

2. Side effects of steroids on female behaviour:
-Extreme irritability
-Development of bipolar disorder
-Withdrawal symptoms from steroid discontinuation (including anxiety, depression, loss of appetite, listlessness)
-Mental instability
Unfortunately, there appears to be no conclusive research on whether these effects are temporary or permanent. However, it is a universally acknowleded fact that the violent outbursts (roid rage) caused by steroid use are dangerous for public health.

3. Side effects of steroids on female functionality:
-Generalized hormonal imbalance caused by a surge in testosterone
-Weakened immune system and increased susceptibility to pathogens
-Cardiovascular changes, including glucose intolerance, hypertension, increased triglyceride concentrations etc.; these changes can lead to atherosclerosis and heart failure
-Liver failure or cancer
-Kidney failure or cancer
-Musculoskeletal abnormalities that can lead to tendon rupture
-Reproductive system imbalance, which can result in amenorrhoea (menstrual cycle suppression), cervical cancer or atrophy of the uterus
-If used by pregnant women, steroids can cause damage to the foetus (e.g. growth retardation)
-Water retention
-Nose bleeds
-Muscle cramps
-Achy joints


High quality, pharmacy grade Anabolic Steroids offer a wide range of benefits if taken accordingly to a supervised and well engineered plan or cycle but on the other hand low quality, underground produced steroids taken without supervision have a wide range of secondary effects on health.

If you decide to take them please buy only high quality certified steroids with the supervision of a Doctor or knowledgeable certified personal trainer.

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