Underground Labs offer cheap but dangerous Steroids

For decades well built muscles have been associated with masculinity leading many on a quest in search of that perfect body. The desire of many men to look buffed led to the introduction of steroids. The latter are medications that act as catalysts in the muscle building process. These medications were a welcome relief to the extraneous workouts that face many men in their quest for big muscles and six packs. Today, it is estimated that three out of four men use steroids. The world wide demand for steroids led to the sprouting up of underground steroids in the 1980s and 1990s.

Underground labs are illegally operated labs that manufacture steroids.

As such these labs are not regulated by any of the authorities that regulatelicensed steroid manufacturer such as the Food and Drugs Authority (FDA).


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Underground and ilegal labs came in to fill in the gap left by pharmaceutical companies that were unable to satisfy the increased demand for steroids. Additionally, underground labs came about as a result of the expensive prices that steroids attracted. Therefore underground labs offer cheap alternatives to steroids manufactured by pharmaceutical companies. Due to their low priced products, many unsuspecting consumers, thinking only in short term, prefer underground labs to conventional licensed manufacturers.

The Hidden Costs….

  • Viruses, Bacteria and Heavy Metals

The preference to underground labs, however, comes with a price. Firstly, without regulation underground labs do not have to conform to safemanufacturing practices. This means that the manufacture of underground steroids is done in unregulated conditions, which pose a health risk to consumers. Without following good manufacturing practices and quality controls, underground steroids become vulnerable to viral and bacterial contamination. This is especially since underground labs do not adhere to the regulations set out by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the manufacture of injectable and oral steroids. Injectable steroids are particularly dangerous since they are administered directly in to the blood and thus bypass all of the body’s defense mechanism. Injecting steroids contaminated with viruses, and bacteria can result in contraction of chronicillnesses like infections or poisoning.

A survey conducted on 14 different samples of underground steroids revealed a startling trend. The 14 samples were selected from some of the most popular underground labs, including: Diamond Pharma, British dragon, Lizard laboratories among others. The results of the survey were to the effect that 21% of all the tested steroids checked positive for heavy metal contamination. This means that a large percentage of underground steroids are contaminated with heavy metals such as mercury, lead and others. In a nut shell injection of underground steroid can be the equivalent to injecting a solution of one of these heavy metals, all of which are capable of causing major organ failure.

  • Irregular concentrations

To maintain a steady flow of steroids in to the market, underground labs manufacture their products as fast as possible which leads to mistakes being made. It is estimated that a large percentage of underground steroids are either overdosed or under dosed due to their hasty manufacture. This poses two risks to the end consumer. First consumption of overdosed steroids can lead to complications, while usage of under dosed steroids may not yield the desired results.

  • Lack of Sterilization

Lack of proper sterilization of manufacturing components is another thing that consumers of these steroids should be worried about. In most cases, underground labs use basic sterilization procedures such as the inclusion of sterile oil and anti-microbial agents such as alcohol and benzyl benzoate. Although the latter anti-microbial agents are capable of killing a substantial amount of microbial contaminants, not all such contaminants can be exterminated this way. Therefore, underground steroids cannot be considered sterile. Therefore, buyers of underground steroids cannot be assured of sterility.

  • Unpure and low Quality Chemicals

The ingredients used in the making of underground steroids do not meet the standards set by the FDA and other regulators. Additionally, to keep the price of underground steroids low, the ingredients used are normally cheap and low quality products. Thus in terms of quality, underground steroids are of a lower quality compared to their standard steroids. Underground labs also do not test the raw materials they use. This leads to the end product containing impurities and contaminants that may be hazardous to the human body. Unlike licensed steroid manufacturers, underground labs put more emphasis on the steroid quantity than on quality.


How to Spot Underground Steroids?

Identifying underground steroids is quiet easy and may not require a keen eye. The first identifier is the crimp ring. A crimp ring that was done in a licensed factory will be uniform and free from contamination. For underground steroids, the crimp ring will be uneven and most probably contaminated. This difference is as a result of licensed factories using specialized machines, while underground labs do not. Underground lab operators normally use their hands in the installation of the crimp ring. This results in unevenness of the ring and thus it is easy to spot a ring that has been done by hand.

Filtration is not a factor that many underground labs consider in the making of their products. This results in the presence of sediments in most underground steroids. Thus other way of spotting these steroids is checking for sediment or cloudiness in the steroid. Licensed factories filter their products, thus no sediments can be found in their end products. The presence of sediment is a clear indication that a steroid was manufactured in an underground lab. For oil based steroids, the presence of moisture and crystals indicate to a steroid being underground. This is because oil based steroids should contain no moisture or crystals.

One of the simplest ways of evaluating whether a steroid is underground made or not is by inspecting the packaging. Crooked labels are synonymous with underground steroids, while well placed labels feature on standard steroids. Not many underground labs put effort in the packaging of their products. This leads to misspelled words and inappropriately put labels. Thus it is always important to check how the words appearing on a steroid bottle are spelled.

Your Choice?

Despite them being readily available, cheap and popular does not make them safe for human consumption. The use of underground steroids amounts to a gamble on one’s health and fitness and should not be encouraged.

Desing your steroids cycle

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