The Two Sides of Anabolic Steroids

Are you considering the use of steroids? You want to have the facts before taking this potent drug. There are pros and cons when taking this medications. We are going to explore both sides.

The Dark Side of Steroids

Let us keep the following scenario in mind… You are in a competition to win the team championship for your home basketball team. You are nowhere near where you want to be physically yet you have this game in a matter of weeks. There is no time to buff up and improve your muscle mass and do the things that need to be taken cared of naturally. It is so important for you to win your teams big game. It could mean the difference between a chance of being accepted into a prestigious university or your local community college. Add in some more risk. You are the first member of your family who actually has a chance at being accepted into one of the top colleges. It all hinders on you winning this game. What do you do? Do you try and win the game the natural American way or do you put everything you believe in and do what is necessary to get this big win?

You decide to go for the steroids and purchase them online. Within weeks your friends even your mom and dad are impressed how much muscle mass you have obtained. You become leaner, meaner, and more aggressive each day. You are a monster on the court. You’re winning each major game leading up to that one big event that you can’t wait to take away from the other team. A few days before the big event you start to notice a few things that you haven’t before. Others notice this too. One day you’re this happy go lucky guy ready to take on the world and then a few hours later or even the next day you’re ready to dig your head into the sand. You wake up with a nausea stomach and begin having terrible headaches the kind that make you wish you never woke up in the morning. You feel like your heart is about to jump through your chest cavity. These symptoms tend to increase with each passing day but you think nothing of it as you desperately need to win this game.

It’s the night of the event. The big day. You’ve practiced hard with a little help with your pharmaceutical friends. You’re on the side lines getting ready to go up and take the team where they need to be. You can hear the crowds cheering your name claiming you the victor. Just as your team starts up for the line up your whole world blacks out and you forget everything.
What seems hours is only minutes later and you’re on your way to the hospital. Some tests are done and it’s discovered you’ve been injecting yourself with Trenbolan and well the rest is history.

Your coach finds out your family finds out and the administration at your school. Within a days’ time you’re suspended from school and the team and your chances of winning the big game and getting into that prestigious college are shattered. Was it really worth it? Was the ridicule and the rumors worth those few weeks of high glory?

The Good Side of Steroids

Now that we examined when it isn’t appropriate to use steroids let us take a look at when it is appropriate. Yes when medicines are used for their purpose lives can be saved and illnesses can be manageable. Let us meet Harry who has been battling the pain of rheumatoid arthritis for years. He can barely walk and move around. Life for this seventy year old is difficult and quite frustrating to say the least. Up until twenty years ago he was a healthy man who could climb on the top of homes and fix any roof or issue that was going on. It was his livelihood until the painful curse of rheumatoid arthritis came upon him. At his last doctor’s visit his physician recommended trying steroids to assist with the daily painful struggles he went through with the illness. Concerned about the possible side effects of steroids his doctor advised him there are a few that can occur such as infection, allergic reactions, and possible bleeding into the joint. Weighing out the possible side effects with the chance of making an improvement in his quality of health Harry opted to try it out.

So you see with every scenario as with any drug steroids included there are times when it is appropriate to take a medication and then there are times when it is not. Harry found out in the long run that his pain management in time became more manageable and that eventually he was even able to get out and take little walks in his neighborhood.
There are also times when the medication can mean the difference between life and death. Let us take June for example. She is a retired school teacher who was quite ill in the hospital with Lupus suffering from the advanced stages of kidney inflammation. If the doctors didn’t act fast and start treating her with steroids she would have had total kidney failure. In this case June’s life was saved and today she is even subbing at her old school a couple days a week.

The bottom line with steroids is when they are put to good use and do what they are made to do it is a winning situation for everyone. It is when the drug is abused and used for things such as increasing muscle mass, reducing fat or doing things that were not meant to be done unnaturally that possible health risks and issues arise. Also in a lot of the latter cases these are often not monitored by a doctor to prevent anyone knowing that the person abusing them is using them at all. Weighing the pros and cons is always important and discussing them with your family physician before taking any steroid medication. When you follow these simple steps you can avoid the unfortunate pitfalls of misusing steroids.


Wether you decide to use Steroids for medical reasons or as an performance enhancing drug, be sure to be supervised by a doctor that understands the correct and safe way to take steroids.

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